5 Mar 2013

Handmade by Book Lovers

I am a sucker for some lovely book themed crafts, and am happily guilty of making some myself. I collect links to them like a magpie waiting for the day that I can hit it rich so I can fill my house with them. Here are some of the latest shiney lovlies that I've discovered. I originally saw this darling purse on Becky Bedbug's Blog, but here is the link to where you can buy it on etsy from psBesitos for €60.

This lino print immediately appealed to the printer in me, the lines are so beautiful. It was another Pinterest find, frustratingly not leading to any correct links,after some Google Images searching, I eventually found the link to Tortilla Press's etsy shop where you can get this gem for a mere $25( I am very tempted).

I also found these gorgeous bookends through Pinterest, they are also on sale on etsy from Design Atelier Article for €39.

I really like these unusual cowls from Storiarts, with the text from famous novels printed on them, this one has a piece from Jane Eyre, I kinda like the idea of being kept warm by a story, this one is $42.

Miniatures make me pretty giddy, I made a doll's house as part of my final year project, I now realise I did it quite inexpertly, but I had a lot of fun doing it. These amazing tiny books are so beautiful, and can be bought from Lilliputs Treasures for $18.

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  1. Have you come across the Edible Book Festival yet? Very suited to crafty/booky/pinteresty types as yourself. Have a goose:


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