24 Jul 2013

Author Illustrations

Recently I was invited by Sky Arts Tv to sell my work at their Dublin leg of their hunt for national portrait artist of the year. The event itself ended up being quieter than I expected, I blogged about it over here, but there was one upside to the invitation; it spurred me to do lots of new drawings and paintings. Previously I only had a small selection of authors on offer, about 10 or so, during the past few weeks I have beefed that up to nearly 25, and having caught the bug for painting I'm adding more to that all the time.

I also printed the images up as 5x7" greeting cards, and am selling these at our bookstall at the Milk Market and also online in my Etsy shop. After chatting to fellow artist Tanya Bond I realised I needed to stop being so lazy and actually list all of the items online. I pulled the proverbial thumb out and photographed all the cards and paintings, and got busy posting them online. The last thing I need to do is shooting all of my new canvas bags. That will take at least a few days work, but it will be worth it in the end. It's at times like these that I wish I had an assistant or magical helper elf.

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