16 Oct 2012

Book Pins

I'm a big fan of Pinterest, I even have a book board, I plan on doing a weekly update of fun book themed things I find there. As much as possible I'll try to link to the source, but sometimes, like above, the pin will lead me nowhere.
 This is a blind date with a book. Maplewood library wrapped up a bunch of their books and asked people to check out a mystery read. I love this idea, sometimes I really like reading something totally outside of my normal choices, it's usually a recommendation from a friend with very different taste in books. This lack of choice looks nicely liberating.

It might be something fun to do at our stall, although I'm not sure if people would pay for them.
If we ever open a bookshop(which we both really want to) and if it has steps I want to do this!

This is a magnet by Bookfiend on Etsy, they have every kind of gift for the bookworm in your life. This sentiment is so true, there are so many bad films out there made from amazing books. Northern Lights, Possession, and Hearts in Atlantis are just a few that are popping into my head. What ones can you think of?

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