27 Oct 2012

Feeling Festive at The Milk Market

At the Milk Market yesterday we got into the festive mood and the traders dressed up in fancy dress. We love Halloween so it didn't take much to convince us.  John often does Celtic reconstruction demonstrations with his friend Andrew Clancy, so it seemed like an obvious choice of costume. All of the pieces have been authentically made in traditional methods. They sometimes call themselves experimental archaeologists as through practice they learn how things were actually made. My favourite bits were the handmade jewellery, cloak pins and bags. They are really comfortable to wear, and to be honest I felt a little sad when i was taking them off.

Thanks go to Pat Browne from Munster Images for the pictures. He has had a very successful and prolific event photography business for quite a while. Recently they've branched out into doing Google mapping for businesses, which is just like streetview but inside your business. Meaning that customers can come and 'walk around' your business online before they ever see it in real life, nifty huh? Have a look at an example here.

 Me, John and Gobnait



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